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Productivity Tools

The competent teacher will integrate advanced features of technology-based productivity tools to support instruction, extend communication outside the classroom, enhance classroom management, perform administrative routines more effectively, and become more productive in daily tasks.


For this standard I chose to use a yearlong grading policy I created for my Assessment Educational Psychology 485 class. To create the gradebook, I employed the use of productivity tools like word processing and spreadsheet software. These tools helped me to create a method intended to support my instruction as well as perform administrative routines, like keeping track of grades for all of my students. In general, tools like word processing and spreadsheet software help to make me more productive in planning and assessment, as is indicated by this example gradebook.

This document is also the type of artifact that I would also make sure to hand out to students, send to their parents, and post on the class website in order to extend communication outside of the classroom.

Productivity Tools Artifact