Hi, I'm Erin, and I teach English. This portfolio chronicles my educational accomplishments. You can e-mail me at ekkross@gmail.com.

Information Literacy Skills

The competent teacher will develop information literacy skills to be able to access, evaluate and use information to improve teaching and learning.


I chose an online research lesson plan that I wrote as my artifact for the Information Literacy standard because it demonstrates how I use the information literacy skills I already possess to teach the same valuable skills to my students. This allows me to help better prepare my class for future research projects in school and even some careers. During this lesson, I show students how to access information through search engines on the internet and evaluate it's quality in order to assess whether or not it would be helpful to their assignment. Ultimately, this improves their learning because it is a lesson that directly relates to their current and future lives.

This online research lesson plan also shows my development as a teacher because it demonstrates my ability to teach and understand the connections between all aspects of English, Literature, and Langauge Arts, including, but certainly not limited to, grammar, reading, online literacy, cultural literacy, writing, and speaking. I know how important it is for students now to be literate in the digital world where they are nearly bombarded with inaccurate or questionable information. Students need to be able to distinguish between the "good" and the "bad" websites, as well as how to use the "good" ones as resources for their own writing and academic advancement.

Information Literacy Artifact