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Social, Ethical, and Human Issues

The competent teacher will apply concepts and skills in making decisions concerning the social, ethical, and human issues related to computing and technology. The competent teacher will understand the changes in information technologies, their effects on workplace and society, their potential to address lifelong learning and workplace needs, and the consequences of misuse.


I feel that this classroom Academic Integrity/Plagiarism policy handout meets the standard for Social, Ethical, and Human Issues because it addresses a common problem in any academic setting. I wrote the policy to establish that I have made a concrete decision about these social and ethical technology/human issues. It shows that I understand how easy it is for students to pick up partial or whole texts today because of the internet, which only serves to make it easier for them to neglect to cite their sources. I do know that sometimes this is an unintentional act, which is why it is even more important to establish in the beginning of the year exactly what plagiarism is and what students can do to avoid it and the subsequent consequences.

This artifact also explains why it is wrong to plagiarize other people's work, which helps students understand how their actions relate to other people. Additionally, it sets them up for later success in the workplace because they will always be required to mention their sources in the interest of fairness and academic integrity.

Social, Ethical, and Human Issues Artifact