Hi, I'm Erin, and I teach English. This portfolio chronicles my educational accomplishments. You can e-mail me at ekkross@gmail.com.

Basic Computer/Technology Operations and Concepts

The competent teacher will use computer systems to run software; to access, generate, and manipulate data; and to publish results. He or she will also evaluate performance of hardware and software components of computer systems and apply basic troubleshooting strategies as needed.


The code that I wrote to create this website meets the requirements of the first technology standard because I wrote it from scratch, using my knowledge of basic HTML and computer functions to create pages that link together to form a website. I also created a cascading style sheet (CSS) to dictate the appearance of all of my pages and keep their style consistent throughout the site.

I used my knowledge of NetFiles and the Internet to publish the site and make it accessible to people who choose to view it. I used tables to manipulate the data in my transcript in order to make it clear and organized on the site.

Additionally, to create all of the coded pages, I used an HTML editing application, which demonstrates my ability to run software, as well as access, generate, and manipulate data within the program. Throughout the time that I spent coding my ePortfolio, I ran into a few complications and was able to troubleshoot and overcome them by researching the problem and experimenting with different potential solutions.

In terms of how this particular artifact demonstrates my professional and technological growth, this HTML knowledge is fairly recent for me. With what I now know, I can create websites for many different purposes. One of the biggest benefits I see resulting from my knowledge of HTML is that I will be able to make my own classroom website where students will be able to access notes, handouts, announcements, calendars, grades, and hopefully even a web board where they can ask myself and their classmates questions.

Basic Computer/Technology Operations and Concepts Artifact