Hi, I'm Erin, and I teach English. This portfolio chronicles my educational accomplishments. You can e-mail me at ekkross@gmail.com.

Application of Technology in Instruction

The competent teacher will apply learning technologies that support instruction in their grade level and subject areas. He or she must plan and deliver instructional units that integrate a variety of software, applications, and learning tools. Lessons developed must reflect effective grouping and assessment strategies for diverse populations.


I chose to use my online research lesson plan as the artifact to represent this standard because it shows how I use educational technologies like keyword search and issues about resource quality to support my instruction in sophomore English. This lesson incorporates word processing and internet research as learning tools to ultimately accomplish the goal of giving students access to the skills they will need to use these strategies independently in the future.

This online research lesson plan helped with my development as a teacher because it was the first time that I planned out exactly how I would teach online research to a group of students, not only how to teach the actual citation process, but also how to teach them the importance of choosing safe and reliable web sources. I know that these are topics I will have to handle in my own classroom every year in every grade level. This lesson plan got me thinking about a topic I use frequently myself, but was unfamiliar with how to teach. Writing this lesson plan was a learning experience for me because I took on a new challenge and was able to use critical and practical approaches to an important academic subject.

Application of Technology in Instruction Artifact