Hi, I'm Erin, and I teach English. This portfolio chronicles my educational accomplishments. You can e-mail me at ekkross@gmail.com.

Reflection and Professional Growth

The teacher is a reflective practitioner who continually evaluates how choices and actions affect students, parents, and other professionals in the learning community and actively seeks opportunities to grow professionally.


The reflection paper I wrote about my performance during the autobiography presentation for C & I 401 represents my reflective abilities and therefore suits the reflection and professional growth standard. By reflecting on myself, I was able to identify areas of my presentation that could be improved upon. Through this recognition, I noticed some patterns that, upon their discovery, I will be able to change or develop into positive presentation behaviors. Reflection also gave me the opportunity to build some confidence by examining the parts of the project that I did well on. I will be able to incorporate these traits in later teaching situations. By evaluating my performance, I was and am given the chance to constantly improve and keep from becoming stagnant in my teaching style and process. I was also able to reflect on how my choices appeared to affect my classmates based on their reactions and responses. By rethinking my presentation decisions, I was able to consider how the lesson might have turned out had I chosen a different option and how I might handle some problems I encountered in future classroom situations. In all of these reflections, I strove to improve in my performance and teaching skills, hoping to find areas in which I could better my skills for my next teaching opportunity. Seeing my career as a constant chance to learn new things will also help me interact with my students with an attitude that shows that I see them as having something valuable to offer in my classroom.

Reflection and Personal Growth Artifact