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Planning for Instruction

The teacher understands instructional planning and designs instruction based upon knowledge of the discipline, students, the community, and curriculum goals.


For this standard, I chose to include a lesson plan that I created with my field placement partner from Spring 2006, which we were fortunate enough to actually implement in our sixth grade classroom. This lesson plan demonstrates my knowledge of the different aspects of instructional planning, including goals, materials, activities, timing, and assessment. This lesson plan was intended to teach my sixth graders a new type of prewriting as well as to allow them time to practice it, work in groups, and "publish" their work through class presentations. I have also included the handout I created for this lesson in order to demonstrate the planning that went into this lesson as well as the level of preparedness of my placement partner and I had.

I used my knowledge of the importance of "writing as a process," especially at the middle school level, to decide what topic to teach my students. Additionally, I knew that this group of sixth graders was rarely given the opportunity to work in groups or "publish" their work and so while writing the lesson plan, I wanted to make sure I incorporated those two aspects. During my placement at this particular school, I was often told that improving students' writing skills was a very important part of the curriculum. With this knowledge, I planned an activity that would fit in with this school-wide goal.

Planning for Instruction Artifact