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Collaborative Relationships

The teacher understands the role of the community in education and develops and maintains collaborative relationships with colleagues, parents/guardians, and the community to support student learning and well-being.


To show that I have met the Collaborative Relationships standard, I have chosen one of the Special Education projects I completed for SPED 405. This assignment, called "Assignment A," dealt specifically with using 504 plans and IEP's as a means of collaborating with parents, special education teachers, other general education teachers, counselors, administrators, and perhaps most especially, the students themselves. This particular assignment demonstrates my understanding of the importance of collaboration in all aspects of education. Most specifically, I have learned that being able to effectively collaborate with special education teachers, as well as incorporate other general education teachers (including secondary and elementary) to encourage cross-disciplinary learning, is one of the most important parts of being a teacher today. This artifact focuses on working with a special education teacher as well as another English/Language Arts teacher to support student learning through these collaborative relationships.

Additionally, my knowledge of 504 Plans and IEP's has given me a better understanding of how these collaborative relationships can be used to make specific and beneficial changes in a child's education. I have seen how collaboration between general educators and special educators can work in a co-taught class to help deal with the varied ability levels in a single classroom. The examples I used in my Collaborative Relationship Artifact are specific, real life experiences with such collaborative relationships.

In addition to the practice I have had in this area during my observation days, I have also added to this knowledge while taking part in my student teaching placement. During my middle school student teaching placement, I spent a lot of time meeting with the other junior high teachers (including math and science) in order to strategize about how to handle difficult situations that came up, or students who needed extra support. I was also fortunate enough to be able to work with one of the special education teachers, who would spend time in one of my 8th grade classes as an aide for one of my students with autism. I developed an excellent working relationship with this teacher in order to better support our student and provide him with the resources and instructions that he needed.

Collaborative Relationships Artifact