Hi, I'm Erin, and I teach English. This portfolio chronicles my educational accomplishments. You can e-mail me at ekkross@gmail.com.


The teacher understands various formal and informal assessment strategies and uses them to support the continuous development of all students.


To show that I have met the Assessment standard, I have chosen to include a sample gradebook I created for a hypothetical 7th grade classroom. The gradebook covers all forms of assessment I would plan to use throughout the year, as well as how each item is weighted. In addition to the gradebook itself, I have included further explanations for my grading policy, components, and approach. This artifact demonstrates how I met the Assessment Standard because it explicitly shows my plan to include and grade using both formal and informal strategies, such as tests and quizzes, as well as journals and participation. Because I plan on incorporating multiple forms of assessment into my classroom, I feel that I have met the requirements of this particular standard.

By planning on implementing the various assessment strategies, I have also demonstrated that I have a sufficient understanding of them in order to be able to use them in my classroom. By describing the strategies further in the included Grading Policy, Grading Components, and Grading Approach secions of the artifact, I was able to support and clarify my gradebook plan.

Assessment Artifact