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8th Grade Language Arts Lesson Plan 5/2/07

Student Objectives:

Content Standards:


7 min.
Start of Class: After students get settled, we will begin class by going over the correct answers for the exercise from the previous class period. The students will grade their own work. Before they leave to work on their speeches, they will show me their grades so that I can record them into the gradebook.
7 min.
Introduction of Lesson: We will talk about noun clauses as a class. I will go over the even questions as examples. The students will complete the odd questions from the exercise for homework.
I will tell students that we will be beginning speech presentations. I will remind the class that after they deliver their speech, they will turn in their manuscript to me. I will also remind students that I will first take volunteers, and then begin calling on the rest of the class. I will ask if they have any questions before I let them get to work.
25 min.
Lesson Instruction: After answering all questions, students will spend the rest of the class period watching and delivering their speeches. I will collect each manuscript after the students' speech.
During and after class.
Assessments/Checks for Understanding: I will assess students' understanding of the grammar lesson when they check their homework at the beginning of the next class period. I will be able to check for students' understanding of their speech assignment as I listen to and grade their speeches in class.
3 min.
Closure/Wrap-Up/Review: To wrap up, I will ask if students have any questions. I will remind them that they need to be ready to deliver their speech tomorrow.
After class.
Self-Assessment (optional): I will reflect with Mrs. D. about the successes and shortcomings of my lesson plan.
Modeling English Language Arts Rationale