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Modeling English Language Arts

All teachers should model effective reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills during their direct and indirect instructional activities. The most important communicator in the classroom is the teacher, who should model English language arts skills.


For the Modeling English Language Arts standard, I have chosen a sample plan of the daily grammar lessons I would deliver for my 7th and 8th grade classes during my middle school student teaching placement. Every day, students would come in to class and we would begin the hour with a grammar lesson. During the lesson, we would first correct the homework from the night before. We would then go over the new lesson for the day. On this particular day, I taught the class about noun clauses. I would always remind students that the reason we were learning about different kinds of clauses (this was the fourth in a group of lessons about clauses including subordinate, adjective, and adverb clauses). To teach these grammar lessons, I would first talk about the definitions of the aspect of grammar at hand, in this case, noun clauses. As a class, we would then walk through a series of examples from the textbook, during which I would ask the students to answer the even questions in the example exercises. Their homework would then be to complete the odd questions from the exercises.

Through instruction of these grammar lessons, I was able to model effective reading, speaking, and listening skills for my students, while reading the information from the textbook outloud. I also modeled good listening skills for the class as I listened to their questions and responses to the examples. Additionally, by teaching the students standard grammar rules and using them myself, I modeled effective writing skills for the class. Additionally, by frequently reminding my students about the importance of being able to effectively communicate through writing and speaking, especially the value of using "good" grammar, I was able to use my modeling to provide examples from real life.

Modeling English Language Arts Artifact