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Constructive Instruction and Feedback

Note: The names of schools and students have been changed.

Student 2: Against School Uniforms

School uniforms are atrocious when it comes to the rights of school students. Everyone would lose his or her independence because everyone would look the same, 'twould be a gray world indeed. People would be spending a lot of money on uniforms and laundry detergent instead of useful commodities like gas, food, cars, and mortgage payments. In addition, school would be very boring. Everything would be old fashioned, the young students would be dressed how old people were in their youth. 'Twould be easy to envision students getting into fights over who looked better than her, or his on rare occasion, peers.

Initially, students would be losing their independence. Everyone would look the same and there would be no individuality. No self-identity would be bad for the students' character because their character would not be visible. If everyone looked the same, students would look like little ants, going to and from classes in basically a black and white world. Plus, if students were not allowed to express character it would be violating their constitutional right to free speech.

In addition to losing a student's independence, not having school uniforms would save money for a student's parents. If someone had to spend money on up to 5 different uniforms, one for each day, it would be fairly expensive, especially if someone buys designer brand products. If a student or a student's parents only bought one or two uniforms, he or she would have to buy a lot of laundry detergent to make up for it, and do laundry every or every other night. Why should someone spend so much money on uniforms when they could buy useful amenities like cars, gas, food, and mortgage payments. Parents would be very disgruntled if they had to spend so much on something fatuous like school uniforms.

A final reason schools should not have school uniforms is because they are very old-fashioned. Old-fashioned clothing could make the young students of today look like the students of long ago. This could also cause some of the more egotistical students to get temperamental because they might get angry they would have to dress the same as everyone else, which could end with the sequitur of fights or arguments about other people's raiment. Some of the students could get into arguments over whose body looked better than her, or his, peers. Since there would be no individual clothing, this could lead to violence and general havoc amongst the students. All in all school would be very boring.

To wrap up this paper, schools should not now nor ever have uniforms. Furthermore, uniforms would steal a student's independence by making it a black and white world because everyone would look the same. Also, they could cause money problems with the parents, because of the large cost of uniforms. Lastly, they would be old-fashioned and boring, people would be dressed like the youths of an old age. In conclusion, schools should not have uniforms.

Constructive Instruction and Feedback Rationale