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Constructive Instruction and Feedback

Note: The names of schools and students have been changed.

Student 1: Against School Uniforms

Uniforms at Fake Grade School should not be required because they cut down on creativity and they are dangerous. What parent would want their child wearing a uniform knowing these facts? If a child were forced to wear an ugly uniform, they would be embarrassed to go to school thinking others will laugh at them about how they look. Some people say school uniforms cut down on bullying but they may just increase it. Students will think of other things to tease people about like hair, and the way others look in the uniform.

To begin with, creativity and individuality are a huge part in a young child's life. Uniforms don't allow children to express themselves because they aren't allowed to dress in their own clothes. Also, if a child wants to be an artist, architect, or fashion designer they need creativity to excel in their job. School encourages children to use their creativity, but why don't they let them express it by wearing their own clothes?

In addition to that, the most important thing that everyone cares about is how safe school uniforms are. Uniforms don't stop intruders from coming in the school, if they don't want to be noticed they can just buy a uniform on the internet. Besides that, school uniforms will not cut down on bullying they may just increase it. Kids will just think of other things to make fun of other children about like hair, the way the uniform looks, and what students look like. In addition to that, the uniforms for boys would include ties; which can get caught in a door and choke the child.

Along with that, the cost of school uniforms is outrageous! For starters they cost more than what people would spend for regular school clothes. Also, in the summer and on the weekends children don't have any use for them. Children will still want other clothes to wear for the summer and weekends. Thus no one really saves money in this case.

Constructive Instruction and Feedback Rationale