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Constructive Instruction and Feedback

All teachers should give constructive instruction and feedback to students in both written and oral contexts while being aware of diverse learners' needs. Teachers should effectively provide a variety of instructional strategies, constructive feedback, criticism, and improvement strategies.


The artifacts I chose to demonstrate that I have met this particular standard are two examples of persuasive essays from my 7th grade Language Arts class. In this class, we spent about two weeks working through the writing process, separating it into manageable parts including prewriting, introductions, body paragraphs, and conclusions. After the three last steps, we spent a day peer editing in order to help students practice their editing skills, as well as to provide them with another person's view of how to improve the "rough" versions of their essays. At the end of the process, students turned in all evidence of their writing process, including their prewriting, drafts, peer editing worksheets, and final drafts.

These essays demonstrate my ability to give constructive feedback because both students brought their drafts to me on several occasions asking for advice and help on editing and revising. Because I was able to give them constructive feedback without simply giving out the answers, the students were able to practice problem solving and editing partially independently, while still having me avilable for guidance.

These two essays also demonstrate the fact that I am aware of diverse learners' need because the two students write very differently from one another. While Student 1 is an excellent writer for her age group, Student 2 demonstrated to me that he had the ability to write well above his grade level. These differences dictated how I helped the students with their essays. For Student 2, we spent more time working on allowing him to find his own writing style, hence the "twould's." For Student 2, we spent more time practicing making her writing a bit more mature by forming more complex sentences that included multiple clauses. For both students, I was able to use my instructional strategies and constructive feedback to help them ultimately improve their writing.

Constructive Instruction and Feedback Student 1 Essay Artifact
Constructive Instruction and Feedback Student 2 Essay Artifact