Hi, I'm Erin, and I teach English. This portfolio chronicles my educational accomplishments. You can e-mail me at ekkross@gmail.com.

Educational Philosophy

I believe it is essential that the social, emotional, and intellectual needs of all students be met in every classroom. Meeting these needs would be reflected in my developed curriculum and relationship with my students. The result of fulfilling these needs would be that my students would see their individual and group achievements as meaningful and therefore give them a sense that they are valuable members of their community and society as a whole. While directing my lessons to reflect the varied learning styles of a diverse group of students, I would use my curriculum to match and expand upon the standard requirements for all students to meet set forth by local, state, and federal governments. I will use testing and project-based learning to help my pupils recognize their own personal worth and see their accomplishments as feats meriting pride and celebration.

Equal in importance to supporting students in their educational ambitions, is the relationship between in class learning and the real-life application of the content of their English class. Providing a class that focuses on making learning meaningful is an essential part of creating an effective classroom setting. I will do everything in my power to prepare my students for life after their secondary education. Thus, I will incorporate activities intended to help students with motivation, work, and study habits, as well as devote time as needed to strengthening these life skills. I will also be available to help my students in the pursuit of their passions and grow to be a part of their community support system. A component of such involvement in the community is developing close interactions, communications, and partnerships with the parents and guardians of my students. By making these connections outside of the school building, I will be even more effective at helping my students achieve their future goals and understand how what they learned in my classroom relates to their lives.

The second part of making learning meaningful to students is highlighting the specific skills they will develop in English and how they will be useful in all walks of life. Being literate is a necessary skill to function in society. The core reading and writing skills developed in an English class help students to achieve the level of literacy necessary to be successful as a functioning member of society, and show them the benefits of the critical and analytical thinking skills they will acquire through their English classes. The literature would help them discover the significance of the social and historical context of the writing we would read in class and demonstrate the modern importance of having a grasp on such contexts, in terms of future allusions and commonly used themes. Through their common educational experiences, the students will have a sense of community between classmates that will follow them beyond the building and time frame of their secondary education.

I want the atmosphere of my classroom to be one in which students feel free to express their opinions about the literature comfortably and know their statements will be heard respectfully. This secure environment will provide a comfortable place for students to bring their diverse ideas and viewpoints into the classroom. Such diversity will enhance the quality of the classroom discussions and provide a foundation for in depth analysis both of the literature and the social contexts in which the texts were written. Additionally, I believe that this kind of environment will be a place where students will be able to expand upon the concepts they see in earlier texts and examine how they pertain to their modern day lives and current writing.

Discipline Philosophy
Assessment Philosophy